Playing the piano is so noble!

Playing the pianoíri is sublime. So majestic, so ‘posh’. The notes of the piano sound beautiful and the pianists sitting at the piano look like muses in a trance of playing. It used to be that only those in the Shouldthe best families and the wealthy who had the means.

Has it ever happened to you that you just came to something and never appreciated it in your life?

Or do you know something that others don’t and find it so ordinary that it’s a shame to even talk about it?

I had a similar experience with the piano. I’ve already written a couple of articles about this. In short, I never looked at playing the piano as something special. Rather the other way around.

When I finished a month of radiation therapy after breast cancer surgery three years ago, my body reacted to the radiation like a child on a hike who refuses to go any further. The irradiated area of my hand and arm stopped working. One morning I couldn’t fasten my bra, dress myself or help my three-year-old son undress. I didn’t raise my left arm higher than waist-high. I stopped driving and carrying bags.

When I tripped and fell in the garden and caught my arm, I fainted from the pain and later found myself sprawled in a flower bed.

It came so unexpectedly and quickly that I was not prepared for it at all. A month after the burns, the metalloid pandemic began and getting help at this time was impossible. Only thanks to a good soul and a shower, to which I was hanging in pain, my arm somehow moved after a year.

It was during this period that I realised what I could no longer do and what I would miss out on doing if my arm didn’t heal. Suddenly I remembered the piano too. Having not actively pursued it for years, I suddenly found it terrifying to imagine that I would have a small elephant or immobile hand and never play again in my life. As if I’ve played so far?

This withthose situations when you start to ‘wake up’ in life. When it dawns on you, what if you can’t anymore…These are the breaks when you beg and swear and are able to connect even with Lucifer, just let me still…be good!

No, clearly not everyone experiences it this dramatically. Not everyone is dragged and pulled through life to what is meant for them.

What I really wanted to say is that if you know something in life that you enjoy and makes you happy, do it and enjoy it. Fulfill your desires and do what you love in life. Brag and spread the joy further, be contagious like the flu. Spread love for yourselves and for your neighbors. Shine a light on the path for those who do not yet see how great they are. Praise yourself and others. Guide your children to do the same. To do things they love.

Playing the piano is amazing. It’s noble. Of all the instruments, I’ve always liked only the piano. I’ve never played anything else, and I’ve never aspired to. I love to play the piano. I may not be a virtuoso and a composer, but I enjoy playing and I enjoy it. I also love to teach and guide my students to music and piano playing. Showing them how to connect music to melody making on the piano. How to play songs they like.

"Som vášnivá klavíristka a nadšená propagátorka výuky hry na klavír, založenej na jedinečnom prístupe k vašim individuálnym potrebám. Ukážem vám, ako sa tešiť z hrania vašich vytúžených skladieb hneď, a to bez poznania nôt a zdĺhavých rokov hrania!" Viac o mne nájdete tu >>

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