My story...

Who am I?

My name is Ludmila and I am a piano teacher. I have a Masters degree in primary schoold teaching and music pedagogy. I am clasicaally trained pianist with seventheen years of teaching experience in school and private tutions. In past few years I specialised in preparing my piano students for their piano qulification with outstanding results. Therefore I became a highly recommended and seeked out piano teacher in my area.

I love teaching piano and supporting my students to gain their piano qualification because I know from my own experience how this might change your life.


This is how the story began

In 2005 I came to UK with a desire to have better life and fullfil my dream, to impact others and help them to learn to play piano. My English was not great, as it is my second language, so a fear of not fulfiling my desires fell real. I started to work at MacDonalds and in no time I was invited for an interview for piano teaching. I was so excited but also feared.






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